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BASA (Bentonville Area Staging Assoc.), AR ASHSR Chapter

About Us...


The BASA (Bentonville Area Staging Assoc.), AR Chapter of ASHSR welcomes you!


Message from the President -


Hi - As a valued member of ASHSR we welcome you to take part in your local Chapter BASA which stands for Bentonville Area Staging Association.  I am really looking forward to seeing the exciting attributes we can collectively bring to our field and share with our clients and their clients, and their clients...  


I hope you are as eager as I am to meet, network, collaborate and pioneer our industry in this area of North West Arkansas!  Our meetings will be times for encouragement, accountability, ideas, support and learning.  As often as possible, we will have guest speakers and vendor partners speak and network with us in their area of expertise. 


Both my business partner, Shara Sherman, and I have a tremendous satisfaction with what we do for our clients; because what we do allows people to move on with their lives. 


I also love what I do enough that I feel we can strengthen our industry by showcasing our individual companies as mighty forces that the housing market just can not do without.  We are in a growing industry, and growing is sometimes exciting and sometimes painful but always surrounded by big emotions.  It's in those emotions, that passion, that we can all support each other through the ups and ups. 


Think positive,

Susan Saez


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