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San Diego County, CA ASHSR Chapter

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The San Diego County, CA Chapter of ASHSR welcomes you!


Message from the President 


As a valued member of ASHSR you are welcome and encouraged to take part in your local Chapter.  I am so excited about being the Chapter President and I would like to invite Home Stagers and ReDesigners from San Diego and surrounding areas to join the San Diego Chapter.


Please join us for our very first meeting in January.  It will be a chance for all of us to put faces and names together and an opportunity for me to learn what all of you are hoping to receive from this organization.  We have many events happening, so we hope you are as enthusiastic as we are to meet, network, collaborate and pioneer an industry...and have fun of course!  Our meetings will be times for encouragement, accountability, support and learning.  On occasion, we will have guest speakers and vendor partners speak and network with us.


I am looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts and ideas as we work together pioneering the ASHSR along with the Home Staging Industry.  This chapter will only be as successful as the members that contribute.  I welcome all suggestions for meeting topics, locations, guest speakers, etc. 


By joining the San Diego Chapter, you will be able to share the excitement and the future of Professional Home Staging and Redesigning in California and around the nation.

It is going to be an amazing time for us.  I hope you decide to join and be a part of our group.  





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Donna L. Williams



Donna L. Williams

Chapter President 

Successfully Staged to Sell





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